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Expert Witness & Litigation Support 

Dominic Tusa has provided expert analysis and testimony in the field of public safety radio communication for more than 40 years. 

Whether you're in need of someone to serve as a subject matter expert in litigation for non-performance of contract stipulations or in search of a radio communications authority to review quality issues, call in the experts at Central Electronics.

We stand behind our reputable track record of successful case support for our clients!

Year 1992:  Motorola vs. City of New Orleans, Louisiana

In this matter, Motorola challenged the City of New Orleans in its award of an 800MHz trunked radio system to Ericsson-General Electric, Inc. 


Tusa provided technical support to the city’s legal team in describing its specification and proposal evaluation processes.  A judgment was rendered in favor of the City of New Orleans.


Year 2000:  Motorola vs. City of Gulfport, Mississippi

In this matter, Motorola challenged the City of Harrison County in its award of an 800MHz trunked radio system to ComNet-Ericsson, Inc. 


Tusa provided technical support to the city’s legal team in describing the preparation of bid specifications and bid ranking processes.  An initial judgment was rendered in favor of the City of Gulfport. 


Motorola filed a subsequent appeal, but the court’s decision in favor of the city was reaffirmed.


Year 2001:  Motorola vs. the State of Florida and ComNet-Ericsson

In this matter, Motorola challenged the State of Florida in its decision to enter into a public-private partnership to construct a statewide public safety communications network.


Tusa was retained as an expert witness by ComNet to provide an independent assessment of the processes used to calculate radio coverage performance.


Motorola later withdrew its protest and the state constructed its new trunked radio network.

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Year 2004: Charles County, Maryland vs. American Tower, Inc.

In this matter, Charles County filed a suit against American Tower to require specific performance in the construction of six radio communications towers supportive of public safety operations. 


Tusa reviewed technical and contractual documents and assisted the county’s legal staff in the preparation of arguments for the required construction. 


American Tower subsequently agreed to settle the matter out of court.


Year 2007:  Albert Dennis vs. TOTAL Petrochemicals USA, Inc.

In this matter, Albert Dennis filed suit against TOTAL Petrochemical USA, Inc. claiming negligence in the design and operation of a UHF radio communications network operated by TOTAL at its manufacturing plant located in Carville, Louisiana. 


Defects in the TOTAL radio system were believed to be contributing factors to an accident that resulted in severe bodily harm to Dennis. 


Tusa conducted a detailed study and analysis of radio coverage and performance of the installed TOTAL radio system.  The results of that study, and the expert report developed by Tusa, identified, and described systemic design and configuration defects that resulted in unusable communications at the time of Dennis' injury.


The scope and accuracy of Tusa's report caused matters to be settled in favor of Dennis.


Year 2010:  Hinds County, Mississippi vs. Motorola

In this matter, Hinds County, Mississippi, filed suit against Motorola, Inc. claiming their unauthorized use and integration of Motorola equipment owned by Hinds County created an advantage for neighboring jurisdictions. 


Tusa was retained to review collected evidence and depositions, and to provide an expert opinion. 


Motorola, elected to settle the matter out of court and the details of the settlement have not been publicly disclosed.



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