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Vintage Equipment Restoration

Do you get excited by radio rig restoration, electron tubes and
homebrew rig construction, but need a second opinion on your project?

We are lifelong Amateur Radio enthusiasts and enjoy connecting and consulting with Ham Radio peers on their passion projects.

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Born A Radio Enthusiast 

Central Electronics was founded by Dominic Tusa, an industry-recognized top consultant who has served both public safety and private commercial markets for more than 40 years.

Long before he was paid to consult on critical communications infrastructure, Tusa became passionate about the technology.  He enjoyed building and experimenting with electronics and radio as a kid and has dedicated his work toward sharing knowledge gained and mentoring others.


"Amateur Radio is a hobby that captures your imagination. It did, certainly, for my generation, growing up in the 1960s," Tusa explained. "It was something you could do with your hands and your mind."


"It got you to learn and question things, and that was what brought me to engineering. Engineers ask the questions: what, why and how? As a kid, I was wanting to figure out how electronic gadgets and radios worked, why they worked, and how I could make them better."

That spirit of inquiry is how Tusa met Wes Schum, an American entrepreneur and single sideband modulation pioneer.


What started as letters to better understand Schum's technology grew into a friendship that spanned nearly five decades and led to Tusa writing the definitive biography, "Wes Schum - Amateur Radio's Unsung Hero."

"I wrote the book because I wanted to help new people to the hobby understand what his contribution was," Tusa said about Schum. "He brought a new technology to the amateur circuits, and he did it in a way that made it affordable for people to experiment with it, and it took off."

"Asking what, why and how is important for anyone pursuing ideas and dreams."

Carrying the Torch of Tradition

As a nod to his legacy, Central Electronics was named after Schum's innovative company from the 1950s, and carries his character forward.


Just as Schum inspired Tusa's imagination, Central Electronics serves as a bridge between single sideband radio's past, present and future.

No matter what, why or how you're involved with the world of amateur radio, Tusa is available to mentor, consult, and help preserve and provide vintage radio equipment restoration services. To contact Tusa directly, fill out the contact form below.


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