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W9DYV Amateur Radio Symposiums

Interested in the full spectrum of vintage HF SSB/AM radio rig restoration, electron tubes, homebrew rig construction? Looking for just a good old fashioned Hamfest and Boneyard for a renewed sense of normalcy? The brains and masterminds behind Central Electronics always deliver!


Year after year, W9DYV Amateur Radio Symposiums routinely knock the cover off the ball when it comes to technical and homebrew equipment seminars, coupled with night-time cuisine and libations -- electronic creativity requires proper hydration and nutrition, after all!  


2024 Winterfest

Friday, January 26 | 8:00 AM

Reflecting the innovative spirit of Wes Schum W9DYV (SK), founder of Central Electronics and a prime mover behind the adoption of single-sideband in the 1950s, the W9DYV Technical Symposium, in conjunction with St. Louis Suburban Radio Club's Winterfest 2024, aims to inform radio enthusiasts about the hobby’s rich technological history, encourage experimentation, homebrewing and DIY, and to introduce latest-generation communications methods and technologies.

There is no charge to attend, and no registration is required – just show up! The Symposium will be held in the Gateway Center the day before Winterfest 2024, so you will not miss the large indoor flea market, major vendors, or other forums and speakers. It is a full day chock-full of radio history, information, and how-to ideas – with the goal of increasing the number of hams and hobbyists exploring today's new frontiers just as Wes did in his time.


Please click for more information about SLSRC Winterfest, maps, lodging, and other activities, including the ARRL Midwest Division Convention and ARRL/DX banquet.

Past Amateur Radio Equipment Manufacturers

Presentations from Central Electronics' Annual W9DYV Amateur Radio Symposiums (2015-2020)

8th Annual Central Electronics Boatanchor Event (2020)

A High Performance SDR Receiver for the Ham

by Bob Nickels W9RAN, W9DYV Radio Symposium - January 2020  (View on YouTube)

HF Receiver Performance

by Rob Sherwood NC0B, W9DYV Radio Symposium - January 2020 (View on YouTube)

Understanding of Human Speech Articulation

by Dr. Bob Heil K9EID, W9DYV Radio Symposium - January 2020 (View on YouTube)

Wes Schum (W9DYV) and Central Electronics

by Nick Tusa K5EF, W9DYV Radio Symposium - January 2020 (View on YouTube)

Drake T4XC: Low Power Output and Why

by David Assaf W5XU, W9DYV Radio Symposium - January 2020 (View on YouTube)

AM and the story of the Gates BC-1T

by Bob Allison WB1GCM, W9DYV Radio Symposium - January 2020 (View on YouTube)

Vintage Radio and Homebrewing Adventures

by Lynn Fisk K5LYN, W9DYV Radio Symposium - January 2020 (View on YouTube)

7th Annual Central Electronics Boatanchor Event (2019)

6th Annual Central Electronics Boatanchor Event (2018)

The "Mysterious" Batchelor Broadband Coupler

by Nick Tusa, K5EF (Download PDF)

The National Radio Corporation

by George, W1LSB (Download PDF)

Collins Radio Corporation 

by George, W1LSB (Download PDF)

5th Annual Central Electronics Boatanchor Event (2017)

The Central Electronics 100V Prototype Development

And the Prototype, itself! by Nick Tusa, K5EF (Download PDF)

DXpedition to South Georgia Island

by David Assaf, W5XU (Download PDF)

How to Build Transceiver Adapters for the Central 10/20A

by Central Electronics, W9RAN/K5LYN (Download PDF)

History of R. L. Drake, WA8SAJ  

by Jeff Covelli, WA8SAJ (Download PDF)

History of Swan Electronics

by Jeff Covelli, WA8SAJ (Download PDF)

Troubleshooting and Aligning Phasing Rigs

by Nick Tusa, K5EF (Download PDF)

Transceiver Operation with the Central Electronics 20A

by Robert Nickels, W9RAN (Download PPT)

A Very Special 20A

by Richard D. Evans, W9GPP (Download PPT)

SSB and the US Navy

by Nick England (Download PDF)

Restoration of Boatachors

by Bob Sullivan, WØYVA (Download PDF)

4th Annual Central Electronics Boatanchor Event (2016)

Building the General Electric SSB, Jr

by Mark Mumaw, NU6X (View on YouTube)

History of Single Sideband

by George Maier, W1LSB (View on YouTube)

Homebrewing SSB Equipment

by Mike Bohn, KG7TR (View on YouTube)

The History of Cosmophone

by Brian Harris, WA5UEK (View on YouTube)

The Legends of Central Electronics & Wes Schum

by Nick Tusa, K5EF (View on YouTube)

TMC Corp History

by John Poulton, K4OZY (View on YouTube)

Tucker-Tin Two and the Hallicrafters FPM-200 Story

by Bob Nichols, W9RAN (View on YouTube)


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