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Wes Schum - His Story in Video

In the course of his career promoting the virtues of single sideband as well as his company, Central Electronics, Wes Schum tirelessly gave seminars at hamfests and conventions throughout the United States. In fact, over his twelve year involvement with Central Electronics, he delivered 106 such seminars. If any one person was instrumental in making single sideband a favored mode of amateur radio communications by the late 1950s…the glory years of amateur radio…that honor belongs to Wes Schum. So, what would be more appropriate than for Wes to tell his own story about Central Electronics and the products he was so instrumental in bringing to the amateur radio community.

What follows are two videos. The first was recorded in 1993 at a dinner meeting of the Society of Radio Operators (SRO), an active radio club in Chicago. Years earlier in 1988, Wes likewise addressed the Chicago Chapter of the Quarter Century Wireless Association. Please enjoy your private meeting with Wes Schum, W9DYV, former President and Founder of Central Electronics, Inc.

1993 Dinner Meeting

(video pending)

QCWA Presentation

(video pending)



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