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The Power of Sound Advice

The minds behind Central Electronics have provided Industry-proven stewardship and technical guidance in all aspects of public and private radio communications for more than 40 years!
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Central Electronics Resources

Expert Service Areas

From Hobbyists to Industry Leaders,
We Help You Meet Goals and Expectations

Suppliers & Network Integrators

Are you looking to enhance your firm’s products and services provided to governmental entities or increase your win rate on radio system proposals?

Leverage our decades experience in crafting mission critical radio network specifications and objectively evaluating vendor proposal responses, we can coach the proposal development process, freeing you and your team up to focus on what you do best, while we position you for success.

Quality Control

The devil is always in the details. You won the work, but now need to keep your field-deployed teams on track while delivering on contracted deadlines, deliverables, and – most important of all: responsive customer service. 

Let us help position your field teams and project engineers for success, with an eye toward keeping each of those hard-won clients for life.

Vintage Equipment Restoration

As an active amateur radio enthusiast, do you get excited by radio rig restoration, electron tubes and homebrew rig construction, but need a second opinion on a project?

We, too, are lifelong amateur radio enthusiasts and enjoy connecting with and coaching peers.

Our Value to Your Business


Smart Insights

After four decades of work serving the public safety communications sector, we understand what jurisdictions are looking for in potential technical service providers and how to best position your firm to win and retain business.

Efficient Work

Nobody likes to sit down in the taxicab and see the meter already running. Our team of knowledgeable professionals will deliver its work products to you on time, on budget, and with quality and insight far beyond your expectations.  And, if an unforeseen problem or opportunity suddenly arises in your camp, know that we’ll marshal all resources to resolve solutions that meet your needs.

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While we are proudly grounded in the history of radio communications, we are forever at the forefront of what's next and how those emerging new technologies might yield reliable, secure communications during the worst of circumstances.

How it works
Williams Communications

"Tusa’s past experiences in securing best value for clients is already helping us improve project win-rates in the market."


Expert Witness & Litigation Support

Central Electronics is your go-to expert for gaining and retaining government contracts, but sometimes a client relationship doesn't go according to plan.

Despite your best efforts to fulfill the contract, it's best to part ways and preserve your reputation. Our experts can help resolve issues in your favor, as we have for localities and service providers across the Gulf South and Mid-Atlantic regions.
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Network Cable Technician
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