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QSO Today Podcast #445

Some time ago, this fellow amateur (Ham) radio operator Eric Guth, 4Z1UG sent me a note...asking for an interview about my experiences via Ham Radio and how involvement in the hobby touched my personal and professional life. Having never spoken to Eric (QSO’d in Ham Radio lingo) or a clue about how to undertake a podcast, I did what came natural for me….nothing. Eric, to his credit, doesn’t take ‘No’ for an answer and kept after me. So I caved in, agreed to his podcast request and completed our conversation on April 2nd. In short, I’m glad Eric didn’t give up as his persistence forced me take a step back, thinking through my nearly 60 years in the hobby.

You can hear the interview at:

Certainly my story is in no way unique….many others born in the 1950s-60s enjoyed the same sorts of Ham Radio adventures and embarked on successful professional careers in electronics and radio communications. A common thread amongst us OMs, though, is an important mentor ignited the spark to trust our dreams and make them realities. Now, that responsibility falls to us – to help inquisitive young people pursue their dreams. Let’s get moving – no time to waste!



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