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Communication Tower

Public Safety Radio Expert

Top industry advisor to public safety radio system vendors and network integrators!

Winning RFP Bid Structures

Tired of pursuing lucrative radio system opportunities, but keep coming up short?


We can help manage the proposal process and increase your win rate, freeing you and your team up to focus on what you do best, while we position you for success.

Quality Control of Suppliers

With global manufacturing and supply chains disrupted in recent years, you may be tempted to make changes that offset pricing and availability. Doing so comes with risk and uncertainty.

Consider us a neutral third-party that can assess quality and value.

P25 Sales & Personnel Training

The devil is always in the details. You won the work, but now need to keep your team on track with deadlines, deliverables and customer service.


We can coach your team for contract success and help position your offerings for client satisfaction and retention.

Independent Project Monitor

Looking for an independent third party to assess your company’s progress, responsiveness and quality of a project? Having worked on the client-side for decades, we know their reluctance to give bad news to errant vendors. They stew on problems, silently, until a major break point is reached – where resolution of the relationship becomes tenuous.


We offer objective and unbiased assessments of vendor performance, ensuring that work is being delivered on time and within budget, and that it meets the required quality standards. And, more importantly, clients will tell us things that matter to them that they might never tell you! By gaining such insight, Central can help salvage damaged relationships and restore lost trust.

Radio Systems Integration Coach

Exceed client expectations through innovative solutions and processes that have been honed over 40 years of real-world experience. Some might term these concepts as best practices.


At Central, we’ve proven them essential, so your proposed radio solution remains a valued partner.

 Vendor Satisfaction Audits

Getting the most out of your vendor contracts can hinge on clearing procedural hurdles.

Vendor satisfaction audits provide valuable insights to help your organization improve its relationships and success working with service providers. 


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